I am a software architect that focuses on code quality, testing and usability, with experience on RESTful APIs, microservices, testing automation and domain specific languages.

As a curious and lazy - in a good way! - person that is not afraid of change, my strong points are finding and exploring solutions for new or long standing problems, maintaining healthy code bases and tackling technical debt. All these put together mean more reliable, easier to understand (and work with) applications with fast development cycles and time to market.

I also am a polyglot programmer, with Python, Elixir and Rust being my favourites. I am a free software enthusiast and the maintainer of a number of small open source projects.

I am Italian, but I moved to Amsterdam in 2019. I did a fair bit of expatriating around and before Amsterdam I lived in Lisbon, Brno and London. In my free time, I enjoy board games, writing and playing the piano.